TIME is seeking compassionate hearts to sponsor the following orphans below:

TIme would like to thank you for your interest in sponsoring an orphan/vulnerable child through this website..
Please note the following: The sponsorship amount will cover school tuition and school supplies for the whole year!!!
Also promotion to a higher grade may cause a change in the sponsorship amount. Some orphans already with a sponsor may become separated from the school because of the nomadic nature of the population we serve. In that case the sponsor will be notified and will have an option of picking another orphan/vulnerable child from the list of those available at the time.

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Orphan List 1

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Orphan List 2

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Orphan List 3

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Orphan List 4

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Orphan List 5

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Construction Needs:

The Current wood and mud Structures Being Used by UGANDA CHILDREN'S AID NETWORK (UCAN) TRINITY SCHOOL are very old, and could potentially become unsafe due to the deterioration of wood and the effect of rain on mud walls.

There is an urgency to build a more permanent Seven Classroom structure, with the administrative offices. UCAN directors have already consulted the contractors, drawn up the plans for the new structures as indicated below, and are ready to start building. However, funding is yet to forthcomome.

Currently UCAN TRINITY PRIMARY SCHOOL is providing free education to a total of 33 orphans in a student body of about 250, with plans to increase the percentage of orphans to 40% of the student body with increased funding. This project is expected to be self-supporting and self-sustaining once the infrastructure is in place. Consequently non orphaned students pay the market rate fee.

If you are passionate about changing the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, we invite you to be part of this noble cause. We are currently accepting donations for the construction of the new school structures as depicted below:


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Construction of 2x Two Classroom Blocks Plan

Classroom Plan

Construction of Four Stance Pit Latrins Plan

Toilet Plan

A word of thanks to Heavenly Springs Church Donors. With your help a two classroom block below has been completed for UCAN/Trinity School of Orphans & Vulnerable Children.

First 2 Classroom Block