Thank you for visiting The Indigenous Missions Empowerment - TIME - Model.
This website is intended to give you information about TIME, and to provide you with the necessary means needed to partner with TIME, in providing hope to Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Uganda

What is Time?

The acronym TIME stands for:
Empowerment Model.


Real people, real problems, Real Long Term Sustainable Solutions Through T.I.M.E.

Others May analyze problems, we take delight in delivering solutions.


Become part of the solution by financially partnering with us.


Current Project Undertaking

Currently, TIME has commenced on building a Children's Village in South Western Uganda to benefit OVCs and the community. The village will be comprised of a 7-grade school, student dormitories, a technical school, staff quarters, a hospital, and a farm.

TIME:A Harbinger of hope to orphans and vulnerable children through strategic partnerships.



Welcome Message Continued.

TIME is an action oriented humanitarian, charitable/missions, outreach arm of Heavenly Springs Church, currently working on a proto type model project in South Western Uganda.

TIME's aim is poverty eradication, community empowerment, improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations, and providing long-term sustainable solutions via partnership with the indigenous people.